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United Kingdom Function Point User Group Limited (UKFPUG)
UKSMA is a not-for-profit group aimed at promoting and improving the use of software measurement and sizing.
We host workshops and conferences in measurement and sizing.
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Spring Conference (May 2018): Making Measurement Count

Call for Papers now out

You are invited to submit papers or presentations to

Please submit a short description (a précis) summarising your proposed presentation for consideartion by the conference committee.

Each presenter has 45 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions.
It would be appreciated if you would indicate your intention to submit a paper as soon as possible even if a précis is not yet available, so that we can gauge the response.

Deadline for précis submission: 9th February 2018
Notification of acceptance: by 28th February 2018
Final Presentations: 20th April 2018

For further details, see the Conference web page>>.

Past Conference Presentations

UKSMA/COSMIC Conference 2012

23rd Annual Conference hosted at the Union Jack (Waterloo, London): 21st Century Metrics

Conference bios
01 Keynote speaker: Practical proven metrics tools for IT Projects download Tom Gilb
02 Agile Software Measurement download Clifford Shelley
03 Agile Measurement download Hennie Huijgens
04 Software Rates vs. cost per Function Point: a cost analysis of 10.000 software projects from 8 big clients download Rafael de la Fuente
05  Productivity Planning Considerations in Industrial Agile – A Vendor View download Avinash Rao
06  Project control based on functional size –   which method to use? download Harold van Heeringen
07  Is Your Metrics Programme Out of Control? download Ally Gill
08  Software Comprehensive Count with Quality Indicators (SCCQI)? download Jasveer Singh
09  Designing New Millennia Metrics download Muktha Kartik, Mahindra Satyam
10  The use and benefits of Functional Size Measurement in the context of AUTOSAR download Dr. Hassan SOUBRA
11  Why Size Matters download Ton Dekkers
12  Keynote Speaker: Measures to get the best performance from your software suppliers download Charles Symons
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UKSMA/COSMIC Conference 2011- conference special newsletter

22nd Annual conference on Metrics and Estimating: hosted in collaboration with COSMIC

Proceedings of this 22nd UKSMA annual conference can be accessed by logging in via the members page.
Conference bios
01 Keynote Speaker: Meta-cognition, Confidence and Bias in Software Estimating download Martin Shepperd and Carolyn Mair
02 Keynote Speaker: Accounting for Non-Functional Requirements in Productivity Measurement, Benchmarking & Estimating download Charles Symons
03 Towards a Sound Adoption of Measurement and Metrology in Software Engineering download Luca Santillo
04 Here and now or the Value Tetrahedron? download Alan Cameron
05 The Effect of the Quality of Software Requirements Document on the Functional Size Measurement download Gokcen Yilmaz
06 Goal-Oriented Measurement: Comprehensibility of Model Transformations download Shekoufeh Kohlahdouz-Rahimi
07 Simple Function Points download Roberto Meli
08 Estimating and pricing of software services download Frank Vogelezang
09 Do we really need to choose one Functional Size Measurement Method? download Cigdem Gencel
10 Software Development Analytics download Clifford Shelley
11 Applying an assessment protocol to the COSMIC automation prototype tool at Renault SAS download Hassan Soubra
12 Coping with Asymmetry: Some Pitfalls of Three Point Estimation and How to Avoid Them download Simon Wright
13 Keynote Speaker: HMRC - Achieving Better for Less download Vince Groome
14 Keynote Speaker: Automating Functional Size Measurement – a Survey download Alain Abran
15 Defect Density and Project Profiling download Peter Thomas
16 Estimating Application Management' download Frank Vogelezang & Burmann
17 Successful Measurement of Test Process Improvement download Brian Wells
18 Measuring and Estimating Ongoing Agile Projects in Real-Time download  Thomas Fehlmann
19 Synthesizing Software Quality Metrics for Executive Operations Reviews download Eric Seufert
20 Predictable Pricing for Agile Development download  Grant Rule
21 Measurements Stories from the Trenches download Erika Vintan
22 Comparison of Software Benchmarking Repositories from Effort Prediction Perspective download  Mina Nabi
23 Application development Productivity Measurement - someĀ  Concepts & Considerations download Carl Bideau
24 Software Estimation Maturity download  Ton Dekkers
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UKSMA Conference 2010

01 Keynote Speaker: See Business Differently download Stephen Parry
02 HybrEEd: Combining Methods for Effective Effort Estimation (E3) download Ingo Elsen
03 Earning more with lower risk download Ton Dekkers
04 The Capgemini Approach to Sizing Non-Custom Software Development Projects/Project Elements download Carl Bideau
05 The use of GQM to set performance objectives for software delivery download Clifford Shelley
06 Budget planning using risk based estimates: Budget wellness for tomorrow download Bharathi Vasanthakrishna
07 Measuring the Quality of the Software Engineering Process download Ingo Elsen
08 Test Process Improvement; Measurement is Critical to Success! download Brian Wells
09 Web measurement: Tools, Practices, Recommendations download Kristina Masuwa-Morgan
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UKSMA Conference 2009

01 Is Automated Software Sizing Useful - yet download Mike Harris
02 Just Enough Measurement and Estimating download Niels Malotaux
03 Measurement in a continually changing environment tbn David Whalley
04 The Power of User Data to Aid Decision Making download Chris Dale
05 Benchmarking Software Components download Jeremy Gardiner
06 Capgemini use case points and other sizing method download Carl Bidaeu
07 Implementing goal-driven measurement: case study download Gert Leroy
08 eXtreme Measurement tbn Clifford Shelly
09 Test Process Improvement - Measurement is Critical download Brian Wells
10 How can you maintain integrity when accounting for software development costs? download Grant Rule
11 Application Outsourcing: how much money are you losing/saving? download Michael Hartley and Dirk VanDendaele
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17th annual UKSMA Conference (2006): Making software measurement valuable

CIO symposium on software best practice: Leveraging Metrics for Superior IT Practice

01 Measurement Value - Howard Rubin download
02 FPA and other size metrics download
04 Making FunctionPoints Count download
06 Balanced Scorecard download
08 Backfiring COSMIC size from Java download
10 COSMIC and the economic case for software metrics download
12 Managing a Mature Measurement Process download
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Keynote speaker: Howard Rubin 

UKSMA Conference 2005

01 Beware the Controller is Coming download
02 How to Benchmark download
03 Estimating download
04 Metronos download
05 Project Estimating download
06 Lesson Learnt from introducing IT Measurement download
07 Measuring Security in Framework of PSM download
08 Analysis of Defect Data
09 Using Value Stream Maps
10 Seven Key Measures for Software Testing
11 A top-down approach to project tracking download
12 Commercially Effective Software Defect Prediction download
13 Using Software Measurement to Ensure Compliance download
14 The end of Software Engineering in the West download
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UKSMA Conference 2004

01 Fact Based Metrics download
02 Introducing Software Metrics via Benchmarking download
03 Gartner Outsourcing Offshore download
04 Gartner Database trends and insights download
05 Six-Sigma and its application to software development download
06 Software Outsourcing download
07 Mixed multiple methods download