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United Kingdom Function Point User Group Limited (UKFPUG)
UKSMA is a not-for-profit group aimed at promoting and improving the use of software measurement and sizing.
We host workshops and conferences in measurement and sizing.
Our discussion forums are hosted on Blogger and Linkedin.

About Membership

Membership is free.


If you are not already an Associate Member, click here to Register.


Important: To become a Member you must supply a valid email address, but we will never give it to anyone else, not even other members. The Management Committee will use it only to send you a few emails a year, usually about conferences and UKSMA products.


There are two membership types: Associate member and Full member. Click here for more details.

Benefits of Membership

Development and Use of Measurement Methods for Improving Estimating & Performance

Members of UK Software Metrics Association (UKSMA) share a common interest in the development and promotion of methods of measuring software and in the use of those methods for estimating, measuring and improving performance in software development and maintenance activities.

Founded in 1988, we are a non-profit organization run by its Members for the benefit the software community. Associate Membership is free and open to individuals or organisations that use software.

UKSMA Associate Members benefit directly from the range of services and publications, and indirectly by supporting a UK presence in various international metrics activities

Professional Development

UKSMA seeks to play a major role in the professional development of its members. Our products and programmes of conferences and tutorials cover a broad range of topics, addressing measurement issues and user experience of implementing software measurement.

Professional Network & Forum

It provides a forum for organisations interested in measurement to exchange ideas and experiences. UKSMA has many well known and highly respected members who regularly speak at conferences and are authors of several publications

Professional Resources

UKSMA provides through its website a knowledge repository of papers, presentations and articles on all aspects of software measurement.

Development Programme – Conferences, Tutorials and Special Interest Groups

The conferences attract renowned international experts and local specialists to present a range of views. They are a blend of introductions and updates that supplement members’ experience in the field – topical, unbiased, relevant, and informative. Previous conferences have been well received.

Our full day and half day professional tutorials and special interest groups present in-depth coverage of topics of current importance.

UKSMA members will gain entry into UKSMA events at discounted rates.

Support and Advice

UKSMA provides support to members who have queries about measurement in general and in particular the application of the COSMIC, IFPUG and MkII FPA methods. This advice supplements the necessary training in the methods.

Publications and Products

Two publications developed by UKSMA, the Defects Classification manual and the Maintenance and Support Metric Manual, are available free to members as downloads (see UKSMA Publications, above right).

UKSMA is the Design Authority for the Mk2 FPA functional sizing method.

UKSMA is working in co-operation with ISBSG to develop further products. UKSMA members may buy ISBSG products at a 15% discount.

Professional Certification

UKSMA offers examinations in IFPUG and MkII FPA leading to certification. This is important as more organizations insist on certification as an indicator of competence.

Research and Development

Products developed by UKSMA benefit from the voluntary input from members. New ideas are always welcome, and give the opportunity to make a contribution and expand the field of Software Measurement and Process Improvement. UKSMA welcomes the participation of its members in its projects.

International Connections

Through MAIN, (International Network of Metrics Associations), UKSMA has access to an international network of contacts upon whom we can draw for specialist advice and expertise.

Members can also take advantages of our links with IFPUG and ISBSG.

UKSMA contributes to the international standardisation of Software Measurement through the appropriate committees of ISO and BSI.

The opportunity is there for UKSMA members to establish worldwide connections through these bodies, and to make significant contributions to the development of the industry.

Network of Contacts

While we place a great deal of emphasis on education and development of our members, we recognise that much business is conducted through personal contacts. With this in mind, we encourage members to meet informally, to exchange views and business cards, and to share technical insight.


Membership Types

Associate Membership

Associate Membership of UKSMA is free, provided an individual registers on the UKSMA website. Registration requires as a minimum an individual’s:

  • Name
  • Country
  • eMail.

UKSMA reserve the right to decline membership. After registration and approval an applicant will receive by email confirming membership and providing a link to enable them access to the ‘members only’ area of the website. Associate members also have the right to ‘discounts’ to normal charges for;

  • Products
  • Tutorials
  • Conferences
  • Professional Qualification Certification

Full Membership

Full Membership of UKSMA is granted by the Management Committee to those individuals who meet the following criteria;

  • they are domiciled in the UK or Ireland
  • they have become an Associate Member
  • attended Tutorials, or Conferences, for two out of the last three years or have participated in any UKSMA workshops, projects or initiatives.
  • they have been designated ‘Honorary Member’ by the Management Committee.

Full members have the right to;

  • vote on UKSMA policies and practice as proposed by the Management Committee
  • offer themselves for election to the UKSMA committees.

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UKSMA Constitution
UKSMA Constitution Annexe

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