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United Kingdom Function Point User Group Limited (UKFPUG)
UKSMA is a not-for-profit group aimed at promoting and improving the use of software measurement and sizing.
We host workshops and conferences in measurement and sizing.
Our discussion forums are hosted on Blogger and Linkedin.

UKSMA Projects

A large part of UKSMA effort goes into organisation of the UKSMA conference and workshops. We also have a variety of projects from time to time.

Mk2 FPA - Mark2 Function Point Analysis

Design Authority

UKSMA is the Design Authority for the Mk2 FPA method.

The method

Based on a method devised by Charles Symons and described in his book “Estimating with Mk2 FPA”, the Mk2 FPA method has evolved through 3 versions, the most current of which is V1.3.1.

The main feature of the method is the simple measurement model; there are only 3 components to consider:

  • Inputs: Data coming into the software from a user in the external environment
  • Outputs: Date leaving the software to a user in the external environment
  • Entity References: The Storage, retrieval and deletion of date from permanent storage.

Although available for use worldwide, it is used mainly in the UK and is the preferred measurement method of UK government agencies.

Current Status

The method is stable, the rule not having changed since 1988. The method has been transposed into an International Standard by ISO and has been published as an International Standard towards the end of 2002 as ISO/IEC 20968:2002(E).

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Defects Measurement and Analysis Project
The UKSMA Defects Manual, available in the members area, was produced in 2000. This project revisits the document to provide a much needed update which aligns the manual with contemporary measurement practice. The new manual is to be re-badged as a UKSMA Measurement and Analysis Handbook  and will be supported by a toolkit and a workshop series.

METRONOS project
UKSMA is looking for people or organizations in the business or academic communities to collaborate in this initiative. If you or your organization would be interested please email or join us on our Linkedin discussion board or PBworks shared workspace where you can also upload documents. to contribute to the METRONOS debate.

METRONOS is designed to provide a channel for existing know how, not to develop new knowledge in software metrics.

METRONOS has two parts:

  • to identify, promote and make readily accessible to the software community the best existing measurement know how - data, definitions and methods - to those that need it
  • and with that in place to provide qualify users of measurement to three levels – foundation, practitioner and expert
    Measurement is widely used in the software industry but has so far failed to live up to its promise. Software developers find it difficult to get started with measurement, acquiring information or data is difficult and the application of measurement uncertain. Measurement is often mis-applied and mis-understood. Wise managers treat software measurement data with caution.

Why is this, when a mature body of knowledge applying measurement to software and software development exists? The difficulty is accessibility to the software measurement body of knowledge, and difficulty in evaluating its credibility and relevance.

UKSMA’s METRONOS project is intended to remedy this.

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